22 October 2021

Brussels, Belgium


About the training day

The radicalisation process today is closely interconnected with online and social media: 77% of adolescents have been confronted with invocations to violent behaviour on online platforms. The key to understanding why online extremist content appeals to vulnerable young people is by examining the mental processes that are set in motion when they read and process that content. PRECOBIAS tackles this issue by taking a cognitive approach to (counter-)radicalization and uncovering the cognitive biases that are triggered by online extremist propaganda. This training day provides social workers with tools to address and raise awareness about cognitive biases in their work with vulnerable youth.

Who can participate?

The training day is intended for representatives or members of counter-radicalization and social work networks and organizations in the EU at a local level, who have regular experience with radicalization and who want to explore a cognitive angle to the issue and integrate that approach in their efforts at local level. Passive and active knowledge of English is a prerequisite for participating in this training.

Practical organization


Accommodation is booked and paid by PRECOBIAS. 


Each participant is responsible for booking and paying (preferably second class) travel tickets and will be reimbursed by PRECOBIAS up to a ceiling of 500 euros per person. Should the budget not suffice for travel costs, please contact us ([email protected]) and attach your travel options to discuss possibilities for further reimbursement.


Participants are welcome to join a group dinner at the hotel with the organizing partners and the other participants on Thursday evening 21 October.

Planning of the day

Prior online sessions
5 October 2021 14:00h - 15:00h
Background session - Participants will learn about the role of automatic thinking in information processing, and how online extremist propaganda is constructed in such a way that it activates cognitive biases.
14 October 2021 10.30h - 11:30h
Background session - Participants will learn in more detail about a selection of 10 cognitive biases that are particularly targeted by online extremist content.
Offline training day in Brussels: 22 October 2021
09:00h - 10.15h
Welcome session & ice-breaker
Coffee break
10.30h - 12:00h
Explorative session - Participants will be introduced to different activities they can apply in their work with vulnerable youth to make them aware of automatic thinking processes and cognitive biases, and how it relates to radicalization.
Lunch break
13:00h - 14:30h
Interactive session - Participants will discuss how to use their knowledge of cognitive biases in dealing with young people on the path to radicalisation. The discussion will be focused on specific cases brought in by the participants themselves, and will foster exchange of experiences and good practices.
Coffee break
14:45h - 16:15h
Analysis session - Participants will analyse one case more in-depth in order to explore opportunities to address selected cognitive biases in their work with young people vulnerable to radicalisation.
16:15h - 16:45h
Reflection session & goodbye


The deadline for application via email was Sunday 5 September 2021. Accepted participants will be notified by Friday 10 September.